Palazzo Gallo Resort in Gallipoli, Salento.

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Gallo Palace, the ancient Assanti – Aragon palace in Gallipoli.

Located near the homonymous court, Gallo palace was always an important Gallipoli's citizens  reference and not only.
The owners of the building that have occurred over the years, from Assanti to Aragon, from De Tommasi up to Vincezo Gallo (owner by half  of  '800), have distinguished themselves as great men but also as patrons, namely in support of artistic activities.
Proof of this are the tracks and the documented presence inside the building by Jusepe de Ribera, also known by the pseudonym Spagnoletto (1591 - 1652), Spanish painter, active mainly in Naples. He lived in the palace where there is now a suite dedicated to him (Ribera suite) .
The palace has ancient origins, although over the years has undergone considerable change.
Traces of the earliest settlements are still visible in the suite Aragonese, where the original walls were the subject of a careful and thorough restoration by giving new luster to the old masonry through a skillful use of light and glass walls.
Each suite as well as the entire building, is strongly characterized by the presence, understood as the link to the site, the materials, the customs and traditions of the place .
In the construction has been widely used “pietra leccese”, a soft local stone that is suitable for multiple uses, such as tufa, local limestone.
By the impressive vaulted ceilings and sumptuous stately-lookin , elegant and exquisite workmanship on the heads of the beds, as well as the powerful but delicate reception desk.